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The Closed Corporation consists of two members with an equal shareholding; Mr Len Mulders and Ms Sindiswa Dlambulo.

Mr Mulders has been involved in the manufacture, marketing and general management of food products since 1985.The scope of foodstuffs encompass fluids and solids over a wide range of materials.

The Client base ranges from private industry, corporations, government institutions to retail and industrial clients throughout South Africa.

Mr Mulders qualified at the University of the Free State in 1985.

Ms Dlambulo has an accounting background from the University of Natal and has been involved in project management for the past 10 years.

The company is assisted by Mr Beja who has been involved in industrial chemistry, water purification and pharmaceuticals since qualifying at UPE in 1995.

The combined knowledge and experience allows the corporation to become involved in projects of varying complexity in a wide range of complimentary industries.

Special interests include Quality Management Systems in the Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

Verified Quality & Safety

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